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Welcome to La Rene Studios

Where we focus on quality, not only in our hair extensions but also for our natural hair clients as well. Here at La Rene Studios we have been knocking down barriers for over 15 years, and we are opening new doors to launch our new collection, the JoRe Collection.

The launch of the JoRe Collection includes our all-new 2016 hair extension line. This line is unlike any other hair extension line out there, many of which come from China; we have discovered that those hairs do not really come from the countries on their labels! Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and other countries are listed on the labels of those lines, as well as the assertion that the hair is virgin hair, which in fact it is all low-quality hair that is manufactured in China. We have found that often times this hair is a diluted blend, mixing synthetic and animal fibers, which cause hair to tangle very badly and mat, or it adds unwanted shorthairs and causes the bundles to become too heavy. Additionally, mixed blend or fully synthetic hair does not style well, and will forever be void of the beautiful, luxurious style the wearer craves. Although the marketing strategy is there, the question is in the integrity and authenticity of the hairs, as well as the hair manufacturers.

Our mission with our JoRe Collection hair extensions is to offer the highest quality, 100% real virgin hair extensions on the market. Our JoRe hair remains the highest quality hair available because unlike many companies, we directly manufacture our hair extensions with the highest level of quality control. Our hair is pure, 100% human hair. JoRe meets our vigorous test standard of healthy 100% virgin hair. Our hair is purchased from the people of the Philippines, Cambodia, and India, allowing us to provide you with a variety of textures and shades.

So let our team at La Rene Studios help you find your perfect hair extensions in our collection! We also offer eyelash extensions and apparel. Ask our team how to obtain or place your order today!


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